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The Ridgefarm dry shed is up and running with Dap and Potash received in for your farm needs.  Alllerton Supply Company will continue construction of the new Ridgefarm Plant to better serve farmers in the area.  Located north of the town of Ridgefarm on Route 1, this site is easily accessed and centrally located.  Our goal is to have the Chemical - 28% complex ready to serve your needs by Spring 2014. 

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Allerton Supply Company serves a seven county area surrounding Allerton, Illinois providing fertilizer, crop protection chemicals, seed, precision ag services, and custom application. We strive to improve the performance of our customers farming operations thru Professional Employees, Quality Products, Services and Information.

Allerton Supply carries a complete line of agriculture products including Limestone, Dry Fertilizer, Liquid 28% Nitrogen, Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3), Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Crop Nutrients and Seed. We offer custom application of Limestone, Dry Fertilizer, NH3 and Agricultural Chemicals and Precision Ag Services for the Limestone and Dry Fertilizer. A trained service representative will monitor the conditions of your crops to give early warning about weed, insect and disease problems which may need attention.

Since 1954, Allerton Supply has been a farmer friendly, community oriented company.

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